About Nickels for Nicaragua

Nickels for Nicaragua is a non profit organization founded by Lucas Icaza and the Icaza family. La Fatima is a shelter, located in Leon, Nicaragua, that houses children in poverty. It serves as a safe haven and a drop off place for kids who's families are struggling to survive in the poorest conditions in Leon, Nicaragua. The kids from this shelter are given the opportunity to receive a limited education (up to 6th grade), receive a meal (beans and rice), receive the Holy Eucharist, and have a safe place to sleep for the night. Nickels for Nicaragua has had the opportunity to tour La Fatima. We are dedicated and determined to provide a secure drop off system to the children of the families, to provide a nutritious and balanced meal to the children (other than beans and rice), to provide a medical team that can assist with medical needs, to build a kitchen appropriate for human standards, to establish better sleeping arrangements, and to provide educational supplies for modern classrooms. Nickels for Nicaragua is an organization to help raise awareness about the children of La Fatimato raise revenue to help their very scarce living arrangement, to help provide medical care, and a opportunistic future.